Academic Upgrading

NorQuest College is a recognized leader in academic upgrading. We have provided upgrading and foundational training in Edmonton for nearly 40 years, and have prepared thousands of students to progress to further education or pursue more rewarding livelihoods. Whether it's improving high school marks to gain acceptance to the post-secondary program of your choice at NorQuest or another institution, supporting your return to academics to pursue a new career, or improving your literacy and foundational skills for work and life, NorQuest can get you where you need to go in our friendly, mature, and student-oriented environment.

NorQuest is an accredited high school as well as a comprehensive community institution, offering Alberta Education high school credit courses and equivalency courses. Successful completion will allow you to move forward to pursue your goals.

NorQuest's highly qualified and experienced staff will support you in achieving your specific goals by designing an individual learning plan to meet your particular needs as quickly as possible, ensuring that you understand your learning path, and providing student services and supports along the way if you require them.

  • Academic Upgrading (9-12)Full-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Hybrid, Online

    NorQuest College offers high school courses that follow the Alberta Education curriculum and high school equivalency courses accepted by Alberta and Canadian universities and colleges. These courses prepare you to continue on to post-secondary studies at NorQuest or another college, technical institute or university and increase your job opportunities. Each student receives a skills and prior learning assessment and an individual learning plan to reach your specific goals.

    Academic Upgrading courses are also available through eCampus Alberta

    eCampus courses are available online and have multiple start dates. Visit the eCampusAlberta website for more information or to register.

  • Foundations for LearningOnline

    NorQuest College's Foundations for Learning program is designed for learners in rural areas to take courses in foundational level math, science, English, and English language proficiency in their home communities with local tutor support.

    • Courses are 12 weeks in length (Academic Upgrading courses have the option to purchase a 4-week extension), and are delivered using our online learning system.
    • Each course has 45 hours of instruction and an instructor will facilitate the courses in real time, live either on-site or off-site through the online learning system, web conferencing and video conferencing
    • Instructors will also have “virtual hours” when students can schedule one-on-one appointments.
    • 30 hours of on-site tutorial services will be available at the local Community Adult Learning Council to provide students with academic support in their home communities. Online tutorial support will also be available to students through NorQuest College.
    • Attendance is not recorded.

    This program will help learners gain skills in math, science, English, and English language proficiency, and provide opportunities for learners to continue on to post-secondary programs.

    Courses include:

    Beginning in November:

    Beginning in January:

    Beginning in February:

    **Note: This course will be offered for 12 weeks as an evening delivery through web conferencing. Students will be required to complete an online placement test through their local Community Adult Learning Council in order to register.

    The program will be delivered in partnership with local Community Adult Learning Councils (CALCs). Together, we will help deliver more academic opportunities for learners in rural areas.

  • Literacy and Essential Skills PathwaysFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT)

    This program prepares foundational learners to move into employment training programs, further upgrading or work experience-essential skills certification. Tailored to your career goals, current skill sets, and progress, the Literacy and Essential Skills Pathways program focuses on individual learning plans. You will explore career possibilities and work on improving your essential skills in reading, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, working with others, thinking skills, digital technologies, and continuous learning, as they apply to your career path.


  • Prep for Practical NurseFull-time (FT), Online

    Prepare to enter NorQuest College's Practical Nurse diploma program and obtain 2 of the 3 prerequisites for entry in just 4 months.

  • Youth In TransitionFull-time (FT)

    This full-time program focuses on increasing academic and personal communication skills for ESL (English as a second language) youth, ages 17 to 25, who wish to transition into further education. The curriculum and projects are high interest and fast-paced.

    Starts every 8 weeks between September and April.

  • English 030-1Online
    Build on the knowledge you gained in English 10-1 and English 20-1 by studying short stories, non-fiction, poetry, drama, a novel, film, and media. Write essays analyzing the universal themes used in literature. Represent ideas visually or through class presentations.
  • English 030-2Online
    Write paragraphs, essays, business letters, and speeches. Study a novel, short stories, poetry, drama, media, and a feature film. Present your ideas visually. Make class presentations.
  • English Language Arts 10-1Online
    Analyze short stories, poetry, drama, a novel, non-fiction, and a feature film. Use a step-by-step writing process to write personal and literary journals, paragraphs, essays, poetry, and scripts. Represent ideas visually or through class presentations. Learn editing and revising skills. Respond to literature using art, collages, music, or compositions. Improve your reading and writing skills in preparation for English 20-1.
  • English Language Arts 10-2Online
    Write paragraphs, personal essays, and business letters. Learn how to edit and revise your writing. Read a variety of literary forms. Practise your communication skills and critical thinking skills. Represent ideas visually or through class presentations. Improve your reading and writing skills in preparation for English 20-2.
  • English Language Arts 20-1Online
    Build the foundations of literary theory, style appreciation, and analytical skills that are needed for English 30-1. Analyze short stories, drama, poetry, non-fiction, a novel, a feature film, and media. Create essays and reports. Represent ideas visually or through class presentations.
  • English Language Arts 20-2Online
    Continue studying the types of literature including short stories, novels, plays, and poetry. Learn to write expository, persuasive, and personal paragraphs and essays. Represent ideas visually or through class presentations. Study literature as well as cartoons, illustrations, and a feature film. Evaluate media, including advertising and propaganda. Develop communications skills. Improve your reading and writing skills in preparation for English 30-2.
  • English Preparation
    Improve your reading and writing skills as you prepare for English Language Arts 10-1, 10-2, 20-1, 20-2, Reading 089 or English 089. Increase your word attack skills, reading speed, and research and analytical skills. Enhance your sentence, paragraph, and essay-writing skills using the five-step writing process. Improve your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Learn through individual, group, teacher-directed, and computer-assisted instruction.
  • Essential Math

    This is a whole numbers course. Concepts covered include whole number addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and place value.

  • GED Prep
    Brush up on writing, literature, science, social studies, and math. You will receive instruction in basic math and geometry, essay writing, and grammar and reading.
  • High School Prep Math

    Prepare for Pure or Applied Math 10. Topics include number systems, exponent laws, solving linear equations, word problems, polynomials (operations), measurement, and a unit on shape and space.

  • Pre-Algebra 1 - 100
    Learn the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and decimals. Review whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.
  • Pre-Algebra 2

    Learn the basics of ratios and proportions, percents, measurement, and graphing to prepare for academic math. This course includes signed numbers, equations, ratio, percent, proportion, and measurement.