Health Care Aide - Overview

Program Overview

NorQuest College’s Health Care Aide program is among the largest in Canada and prepares you to be a part of a health-care team in a variety of different settings, providing a high level of front-line care to clients in need of assistance.

This program is currently at capacity for the Edmonton full-time intake in Winter 2015 but is still accepting applications should seats become available before the start of term. Check your MyMail regularly so you don’t miss an opportunity that may become available.


Career Potential

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be prepared to work in continuing care institutions, home care agencies, group homes, assisted or supportive living, day programs, specialized care centres and programs, acute care hospitals, and private care.

For more information on related careers see:

To research your career, you may complete a Career Investigation Report.

Program Length

21 weeks (full-time), 32 weeks (part-time/online), 8 or 12 months (workplace)

Delivery Options

Full-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Online

This program is available full-time, part-time and online through eCampus Alberta. 

  • Fall, winter, and spring starts
  • Variable start dates for Regional programs
  • Monthly admission for Learning in the Workplace
  • Part-time options allow you to continue working while you complete the HCA program.
  • Online program can be taken anywhere in the province through eCampusAlberta. Labs and workshops for online students will be held at the downtown Edmonton campus, which may require students to travel.

The following are the program start dates for the 2014/15 Academic Year:

Program Delivery Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Spring 2015
Edmonton - full-time Sep 2, 2014 - Jan 16, 2015
Oct 2, 2014 - Feb 23, 2015
Jan 26 - Jun 5, 2015
Mar 2 - July 10, 2015
Edmonton - part-time evenings/wknds Sep 2, 2014 - Apr 21, 2015 Jan 13 - Aug 24, 2015  
Stony Plain - part-time evenings/wknds Oct 21, 2014 - June 19, 2015    
eCampus Alberta Online Sep 8, 2014 - Apr 28, 2015 Jan 12 - Aug 30, 2015 May 4 - Dec 7, 2015

Full-time Delivery

  • 21 to 24 week program
  • Face-to-face daytime classes, Monday to Friday
  • Instructor-led classes, labs and clinical practice
  • Downtown Edmonton campus

Part-time Delivery (Edmonton and Stony Plain)

  • Part-time face-to-face evening and weekend classes
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and every second Saturday at the Downtown Edmonton campus or Stony Plain campus
  • Instructor-led classes, labs and clinical practice
  • Two practicums totalling 200 hours of instructor-supported clinical practice are Monday to Friday full-time days

eCampus Alberta Online Delivery

  • Learning material delivered online and through accompanying textbook
  • 32-week paced course study online
  • Instructor assistance by email
  • Course exams completed online
  • Mandatory attendance labs and workshops will be held at the downtown Edmonton campus, which may require students to travel.
  • includes 2 practicums totalling 200 hours of instructor-supported clinical practice in a facility in your geographic location, with an assigned clinical mentor
  • Site visits, supervision, and evaluation done by a NorQuest instructor.
  • Course exams completed online.

Workplace Education

  • This option is offered throughout Alberta in partnership with continuing care and home care employers.
  • Paced study is combined with tutoring and practice opportunities with your employer.
  • Monthly start dates are available.
  • Students have choice of 8 months or 12 months to complete the program.
  • Students are able to combine work and school by studying at home and practising your skills at work.
  • Students interested in this program must consult their employer.


Anywhere, Edmonton Downtown, Stony Plain

This program is avaialble at all regional campuses in an online delivery format via eCampusAlberta.

Additional workplace deliveries are available. The Health Care Aide Workplace Education option is offered throughout Alberta in partnership with health-care employers. If you are interested in this program option, please consult your employer.

Credential Outcome


Term Start

Fall Start (September), Winter Start (January), Spring Start (May), Varies
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